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Most of us, when trying to describe where we live in Southern California, to anyone not from here, always seem to resort to saying, “It’s near LA.”

Obviously, San Diego or Santa Barbara isn’t really close to LA, but they are within a couple of hour drive. So, telling someone that you’re “near LA”, isn’t that far of a stretch. But, for those of us who live in Southern California, we know that many of the cities here aren’t even in the same ballpark when it comes to a comparison.

For instance, Hermosa Beach isn’t like Hollywood, which isn’t like Riverside, which isn’t like Temecula. Each city has its own unique qualities that make people either want to live in that city or visit.

At any rate, Travelivery LA wants to be your news source for travel in Southern California, no matter which city you live in. The map below shows you the area known as Southern California.

Southern California Map
Southern California Map

Southern California

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Should you want to know more about the Southern California area, visit Wikipedia.