Metro Motion Releases Their Winter 2015-15 Video

Metro Motion – Winter 2014-15 is now out. Hang out with LA traffic reporters, eat at Grand Central Market, and take a bike ride through Griffith Park.

See all these stories and more in the Metro Motion video below.

Metro Motion
Metro Motion

Go behind the scenes with L.A. radio and TV traffic reporters, eat way too much at the modernized Grand Central Market, take a spin through beautiful Griffith Park on a bike and discover how the health of the important federal Highway Trust Fund can significantly impact our lives (plus what may be waiting in the wings to replace it).

Metro Motion

Metro Motion is a 30 minute quarterly television show letting you know everything that’s going on with Metro Los Angeles. Tamara Henry and Joe McDonald let you know what transportation projects are being worked on, completed, or are in the future.

Metro Los Angeles

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LACMTA or MTA; branded as Metro) is the California state-chartered regional transportation planning agency (RTPA) and public transportation operating agency for the County of Los Angeles formed in 1993 out of a merger of the Southern California Rapid Transit District and the Los Angeles County Transportation Commission. The agency develops and oversees transportation plans, policies, funding programs, and both short-term and long-range solutions that address the county’s increasing mobility, accessibility and environmental needs. The agency is the primary transit provider for the City of Los Angeles providing the bulk of such services while the City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) operates a much smaller system of its own Commuter Express bus service to outlying suburbs in the city of Los Angeles and the popular DASH (Downtown Area Short Hop) mini-bus service in downtown and other neighborhoods in the city of Los Angeles. The MTA has its headquarters in downtown Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority operates the third-largest public transportation system in the United States by ridership with a 1,433 mi² (3,711 km²) operating area and 2,000 peak hour buses on the street any given business day.[4] Metro also designed, built and now operates 87.8 miles (141.3 km) of urban rail service. The authority has 9,200 employees, making it one of the region’s largest employers. – Wikipedia

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