Fuel Rod – Portable Phone Charging Systems Kiosks at Disneyland Resort

One of THE best purchases I have ever made at the Disneyland Resort, besides my annual pass, is the Fuel Rod. Disneyland Resort calls it a Portable Phone Charging System. I say that because it doesn’t say Fuel Rod anywhere on the Disneyland maps they give you, yet it says Fuel Rod right on the charger itself.

Fuel Rod
Fuel Rod

Gone are the days of either putting your phone in a “charging locker” (which you can’t use the phone because it’s in a locker) or being tethered to an electrical outlet in the park (which you aren’t supposed to do) which keeps you stationary. Both of these solutions were the only options people had to keep their phone charged.

For the longest time, my argument was that it’s to Disney’s benefit to not only have plenty of places to charge your phone but to also offer WIFI throughout the park. People’s phones die because they are on their social media pages. Guess what they are doing? Promoting Disney Parks for FREE. Luckily, someone higher up figured this out and now the guests have the ability to charge their phone on the fly and access WIFI too. Albeit, the WIFI could be a lot better, especially since a lot of people tend to use it, bogging down the speed.

But, we’re not here to talk about the WIFI, we’re here to talk about the Fuel Rod. Even though the Fuel Rod is the best thing I have purchased at the Disneyland Resort, purchasing it was somewhat difficult, as the map icons are small and sometimes misplaced. So, I took the liberty to “alter” the maps with RED Circles to find the Fuel Rod locations easier. When you’re done learning about the Fuel Rod, scroll down to the maps below and find the exact locations to purchase the Fuel Rod AND most importantly swap them for new ones.

About Fuel Rod – Portable Phone Charging System

Buying Your Portable Charging System
For $30, you can purchase a portable charging system at kiosks throughout the Disneyland Resort. Using any major credit card, just follow the prompts on the kiosk screen to dispense a kit that includes:

  • One fully charged portable battery
  • One 6″ USB to micro-USB cable (for most Android devices)
  • One Apple 30-pin to USB cable (for iPhone and iPad generations 1-4)
  • One Apple Lightning to USB cable (for iPhone generations 5+)

Recharging Your Mobile Device
Use one of the cables provided to connect your mobile phone or tablet to the portable battery. Then keep talking, texting, or taking pictures while your device charges on the go. Fully charged, it provides up to 8 hours of talk time or up to 4 hours of mobile tablet usage. Hours of charged talk time and device usage are dependent upon age and condition of the mobile device.

Recharging or Replacing Your Battery
If your portable battery runs down (indicated by a red LED light), just:

  • Recharge it using a USB cable to plug into a computer or into an AC outlet through a USB charging port.
  • Swap it for a fully charged replacement at any kiosk at no extra cost. Just insert your used battery, take a fresh one and you’re on your way! Swap batteries as often as you want; anywhere you want (at the Resort or anywhere in the world).

Disneyland Fuel Rod Locations

  • Portable Phone Charging Systems Kiosk at Main Street Locker Rental & Storage
  • Portable Phone Charging Systems Kiosk at Pooh Corner
  • Portable Phone Charging Systems Kiosk at Tomorrowland ATM
  • Portable Phone Charging Systems Kiosk at “it’s a small world” Toy Shop
  • Portable Phone Charging Systems Kiosk at Frontierland ATM
Fuel Rod - Disneyland Map
Fuel Rod – Disneyland Map

Disney California Adventure Fuel Rod Locations

  • Portable Phone Charging Systems Kiosk at Kingswell Camera Shop
  • Portable Phone Charging Systems Kiosk at Treasures in Paradise
  • Portable Phone Charging Systems Kiosk at Ramone’s House of Body Art
  • Portable Phone Charging Systems Kiosk at Gone Hollywood
Fuel Rod - Disney California Adventure Map
Fuel Rod – Disney California Adventure Map

Now, do you see why the Fuel Rod is the best purchase I’ve made at the Disneyland Resort? As a side note, not only can you use the Fuel Rod while in the park, it makes a great portable charger when you’re back home. All for only $30.

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