Disneyland Fireworks – The Top 5 Viewing Locations

Want to make your Disneyland experience that much better? Well, check out the Top 5 Viewing Locations for the Disneyland Fireworks displays.

Disneyland Fireworks
Disneyland Fireworks

Fireworks at Disneyland Park

  • “Remember… Dreams Come True” – Watch in wonder as this state-of-the-art fireworks spectacular bursts across the sky high above Sleeping Beauty Castle.
  • Magical – Feel the enchantment as bursts of vivid color and brilliant visual effects dance in the sky while beloved Disney songs from classic films fill the air.
  • July 4th – America, the land where more than Eagles soar! Salute the stars and stripes as you commemorate Independence Day with this vibrant, inspirational fireworks show.
  • Halloween Screams – “Master of Scare-omonies” Jack Skellington, from Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas, appears in a flash at Sleeping Beauty Castle and presides over the Halloween pyrotechnics extravaganza as haunting melodies fill the air.
  • New Year’s Eve – Celebrate magical beginnings of all kinds with your loved ones as you behold the “Ring in the New Year” fireworks spectacular.

For shows and times, check out the entertainment schedule on the Disneyland Website, or check the Entertainment Times Guide when you arrive at Disneyland Park.

Watch the video below to see the Disneyland Fireworks Top 5 Viewing Locations

  1. Main Street, U.S.A.
  2. Disneyland Railroad Train Station
  3. “it’s a small world”
  4. Rivers of America
  5. Tomorrowland

Disneyland Fireworks

Disneyland Park has offered a fireworks show every summer since 1956. At first, the Disneyland Fireworks fuses were lit by hand, but by the 1960s an electronic system launched the shells, the shows carefully synchronized to music. By 2000, the Disneyland Fireworks had become far more elaborate, with Tinker Bell and Dumbo flying overhead. To reduce noise and pollution, Disney patented an air launch pyrotechnics system, which was put to use in 2004. Disney later opened the patent on the system so that others could enjoy the benefits of “greener” pyrotechnics. – Disneyland Website

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