Curbside Commuters Launches Transportation Solution in LA

After two years of successful expansion in Mexico, ElectroBike launches its U.S. division, Curbside Commuters, with the grand opening of its first electric bike shop in Venice Beach, Calif. today, followed by additional Southern California shop openings this year.

Curbside Commuters
Curbside Commuters

Curbside Commuters

Built to resemble traditional bicycles, the electric bikes (“ElectroBikes”) offered by Curbside Commuters provide travelers an affordable, efficient and eco-friendly method of transportation to avoid the infamous Los Angeles traffic.

“We’ve seen a significant decrease in daily commute times and increase in available free time among commuters in Mexico who have switched to an ElectroBike and use it on a regular basis,” said Israel Garavito, managing director of Curbside Commuters. “The U.S. faces similar transportation challenges with rising gas prices and severe traffic congestion in major cities. We know Curbside Commuters will expand quickly and offer an alternative transportation solution to urban communities, starting with Los Angeles.”

ElectroBikes are designed with high-powered electric motors that assist in pedaling and help commuters travel farther, faster, and reach their destination feeling fresh. The bikes offer three modes that allow the rider to switch between traditional, cruise and pedal-assist, depending on the terrain and preference of the rider.

Curbside Commuters offers five models of ElectroBikes that range in style, price and motor power. The bikes have an extensive battery life that ranges from 15 to 25 miles and can quickly charge via any wall outlet. ElectroBikes are also capable of reaching maximum speeds of 20 or more miles per hour with pedal-assist, so commuters can receive the benefits of cycling without feeling overworked or getting sweaty.

“We’ve chosen Venice as our first location because of its bicycle-ready infrastructure and its established cycling and commuting trends,” added Garavito. “Despite other possible forms of transportation, the Venice area is best served by compact, personal options that outsmart the unpredictable obstacles of limited parking, beach traffic and pedestrians.”

ElectroBikes release less than 15g CO2 per mile and are the most efficient way to reduce carbon emissions, limiting the damage to the ecosystem and cutting down on Los Angeles smog.

Curbside Commuters will officially open on Oct. 15, 2014 in Venice at 218 Main St.

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